Case study

Francis FOC Install

In 2006, Dunstans Construction Group was contracted by Silcar Communications to lay 32km of Fibre Optic Cable (FOC) for telecommunications within the Francis township area in South Australia.

Dunstans undertook and completed the project very successfully, meeting the client’s milestones and exceeding their expectations. The project was completed in line with all safety and quality standards.

  • Dunstans utilised a specially designed, zero tension plough, mounted on a D7 Bulldozer.
  • Pre-ripping was undertaken with a D9 Bulldozer.
  • The installation of the cable was undertaken through the farmland and roadside areas of South Australia.

Due to the successful completion of this FOC install project, Dunstans was then allocated numerous other contracts for FOC installations that saw the team move through South Australia into Western Australia over the next 2 years.

Project quick facts


Silcar Communications Pty Ltd


Fibre Optic Cable installation within Francis township

Project date

June 2006

Project location

South Australia

Fibre type

24 fibre

Fibre length


Project cost