Dunstans is a third generation, family-owned earthmoving and construction business based in Wangaratta, Victoria since 1950.

In the years immediately following World War II, Australia’s population swelled by 70,000 immigrants a year, placing greater pressure on services and housing.

With a pioneering spirit and an opportunity to help build a new Australia, George Dunstan went into business with his son Ray. They bought their first piece of plant, a 1945 Ford truck, and set out to facilitate the booming timber industry by transporting and milling red gum. Four years later, in 1955, the Dunstans built their own red gum sawmill and began to supply major infrastructure projects throughout Victoria.

One year later the father and son team purchased their ‘pride and joy’ – a Caterpillar D6 8U bulldozer used for logging and earthmoving.

In 1995, Ray’s son Murray took on his current role as Director. At age 83, Ray Dunstan still shares an active interest in the business he helped to create. Throughout the company’s changes, growth and expansion, today Dunstans remains true to the family values and intrepid spirit of its foundation.
History quick facts

Dunstans Wangaratta Incorporated By George Dunstan (father) and Ray Dunstan (son). Dunstans logged the rural area of North East Victoria carting redgum logs to local sawmills.


Dunstans built their own sawmill in Newman Street, Wangaratta, Victoria.


Dunstans purchased their first plant item – a Caterpillar D6 Bull Dozer to assist with logging and began the earthmoving side of the buisness. For the next 30 years Dunstans served the north east of Victoria logging and completing earthwork projects.


Dunstans were awarded a 7 year contract with the Northern Riverina County Council to clear overhanging trees on HV power line easements throughout the Murrumbidgee.


Dunstans began working for Telstra with the relationship spanning 25 years installing Fibre Optic Cable Australia Wide.


Murray Dunstan became the new director and owner of Dunstans Wangaratta.


Dunstans became truly national with the awarding of a 400km fibre installaltion contract for the Telfer Gold Mine in Remote Western Australia.