Case study

BHP RGP5 Rail Duplication

In 2009, Visionstream engaged Dunstans Construction Group to install 250km of dual Fibre Optic Cables (FOC) on the BHP Billiton RGP5 Rail Duplication between Newman and Redmont in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

The contract was awarded to Dunstans due to our proven ability to deliver projects in environmentally harsh, remote locations.

  • A specially designed Zero Tension dual cable plough mounted
    on a Caterpillar D8 tractor was used to install the dual FOC. The cables were ploughed at depths of 1200mm and 900mm, with traceable marker tape being installed simultaneously.
  • Clearing the alignment and pre-ripping was completed by a D9 Bulldozer. This process was followed by a D10 Bulldozer with a long shank ripper tyne to a pre-rip depth of 1300mm. Any rock encountered during construction which could not be ripped, was exposed by an excavator and broken using rock hammers.
  • The Chichester Ranges required a change in construction methodology, from ploughing to Pit & Pipe installation. This presented a challenge due to the steep nature of the terrain and the variable geology, from very hard rock to cobble and dry sand creek beds.

Dunstans completed the project with great success, meeting the
Client’s expectations and milestones, satisfying all stringent safety
and quality standards.

Project quick facts


Visionstream – BHP Billiton


Dual FOC installation as part of BHP Billiton RGP5 Project

Project date

August 2009 – March 2010

Project location

Pilbara, WA

Fibre type

48 core

Crossing length

250km dual core

Project cost