Case study

Yorke Peninsula FOC

In 2015 Dunstans Construction Group was engaged by South Australian Power Networks to install more than 100km of a new communications HDPE product on the Yorke Peninsula.

The installation links two locations, allowing Fibre Optic Cable (FOC)
to replace the current radio towers, which will become redundant due
to changes in available radio frequencies in the area.

  • The Emtelle Microduct product is a 35mm high-density polyethylene (HDPE) casing containing nine smaller tubes, which will be used to install fibre optic cable or other utilities as needed.
  • Our team handled all aspects of the installation including logistics, pre- and post-installation pressure and continuity testing, and installation of the Microduct product, including pits to allow hauling of the FOC.
  • The project demanded varied installation methodologies to overcome its geological and physical impediments. These included pre-ripping and direct ploughing the product using the Dunstans in-house designed and manufactured plough installation system in softer soils, over thirty HDD installations under roads, gullies and private property, as well as trenching in hard rock when required.
  • The installation was tracked by GPS technology, producing location coordinates for the entire duct as well as the beginning and end of all HDD bores and pit locations – allowing the production of as-built records accurate to within +/-10mm.
Project quick facts


South Australian Power Networks


Installation of 100km of 35mm Emtelle Microduct

Project date

January 2015 – May 2015

Project location

Yorke Peninsula, SA

Pipe type

35mm HDPE

Fibre length


Project cost