Case study

Senex Composite Pipeline

In 2014, Senex Pty Ltd awarded Dunstans Construction Group the contract to install 10km of Fibrespar in the Cooper Basin.

Due to challenging geological characteristics, Senex chose to use Fibrespar, a spoolable composite pipe with the ability to be ploughed directly into place.

  • Our team prepared the pipe alignment with a D10 Bulldozer, then utilised an in-house designed and constructed plough system attached to a D9 Bulldozer to install the pipe up to a depth of up to 2m. When the geology dictated, a rock hammer was used to
    open up the trench.
  • Excavators were used to trench sand dunes and install foundations on the well pads, as well as compacting and reinstating the right-of-way after the pipe was installed.

This project was the first of its type for Dunstans to install Fibrespar spoolable pipe and hydrotest to complete as a turnkey installation. Dunstans completed the project on time and below budget, with no reported safety issues.

Project quick facts


Senex Pty Ltd


Installation of 10km of spoolable composite pipe by plough methodology and associated infrastructure

Project date

August 2014

Project location

Cooper Basin, SA

Pipe type

4’’ Fibrespar Composite Pipe

Fibre length


Project cost