Case study

Anglesea River HDD Crossing

DCG in conjunction with the Barwon Water Alliance, Project facts successfully delivered a complex crossing of the environmentally sensitive Anglesea River and surrounding wetlands for Barwon Water in Anglesea, Victoria.

In August 2011 a leak was discovered in the pipeline that delivers recycled water and sewage from Aireys Inlet water reclamation plant and sewerage from west Anglesea to the Anglesea water reclamation Plant.

  • DCG were engaged to bore under the Anglesea River and pull through a new 315mm HDPE rising main.
  • Minimal disruption of the environmentally sensitive area required the development of specialist drilling fluids able to maintain hole integrity and not have any impact on any environmental conditions in the estuary.
  • Tight timelines meant the pipeline had to be commissioned before Christmas when the population and demand on the system would grow four-fold.
  • DCG completed the design, engineering and construction of the new pipeline and successfully completed the pipe installation on time using our Vermeer D100x120 Drill Spread.

Dunstans delivered this project on time, budget and with no time lost due to injury. This was the first project completed by the Vermeer D100 Drill Spread. The project was completed satisfying all safety and quality standards.

Project quick facts


Barwon Water Alliance


Installation of 340m of 315mm HDPE rising main under the Anglesea River by HDD.

Project date

November – December 2011

Project location

Anglesea, Victoria

Pipe type

315mm OD HDPE pipe

Crossing length


Project cost