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Ray Dunstan releases his new book

17 August 2015

On the 25th of April 2015, surrounded by friends and family from far and wide, Ray Dunstan released his new book, which is a collection of history and memories from the Dunstan Family.

Dunstans now hires vacuum tankers

17 August 2015

We’re continuing to grow our fleet of modern vacuum tankers here at Dunstans, with the introduction of another twin steer 10,000lt Minspec Unit.

Caltex contract completion

31 July 2015

Dunstans has successfully completed the installation of the first two stages of the Caltex jet fuel pipeline in Brisbane, which included four complex HDD crossings.

This was an keystone project for Dunstans with the completion of the longest HDD crossing of the Brisbane River and the installation of the 1,100 metre new 250mm poly coated steel pipeline below the river.

Three additional HDD crossings were carried out in busy industrial corridors with the entry and exit locations within metres of high-pressure gas, water and fuel pipelines as well as electricity, fibre optic and copper telecommunications cables.

All HDD crossings were successfully completed on time and with no time lost due to injury.

Dunstans complete NBN in Port Augusta

31 July 2015

Working with SA Power Networks, Dunstans has completed multiple stages of works for the NBN roll-out in Port Augusta, SA.

These works involved both HDD and trenching as well as pit installation and potholing of existing services. Multiple crews conducted works in succession in Port Augusta to ensure all works were managed efficiently and safely.

Working in built-up areas of Port Augusta, our team were constantly locating and working in the vicinity of gas pipelines, water mains, electricity and telecommunications. Dunstans completed over 15km of Horizontal Directional Drilling as part of the works.

All HDD crossings were successfully completed on time and with no time lost due to injuries.

AGL hydro project completion

31 July 2015

In challenging conditions, Dunstans has installed 400m of new 650mm steel and GRP pipe as part of the AGL hydro project.

Encountering high rainfall and snowfall during the works, Dunstans safely and successfully installed the new 400m of pipe, replacing the heritage wood stave pipeline.

Transgrid FOC install contract award

31 July 2015

Dunstans has been awarded a project for the installation of 6km of Fibre Optic Cable (FOC) from TransGrid’s tower to multiple customers located in Walla Walla NSW.

This private project is a design and construct contract with FOC to be installed using a combination of conduit and direct buried methods with HDD and trenching. Pit installations, hauling and splicing will was conducted in-house by Dunstans.

Dunstans has carried out environmental and cultural heritage assessments for the project.

All HDD crossings were successfully completed on time and with no time lost due to injuries.

Dunstans join the Australian Pipeline Industry Association

30 July 2015

With further Dunstans development into the pipeline industry and works Australia-wide, we’ve found the APIA to be a great fit to support our operations.

APIA is the peak industry body for the transmission pipeline industry in Australia. The association represents companies and individuals operating over a wide range of sectors.

Ray Dunstan’s 85th birthday

3 September 2014

On Friday the 29th August, Ray Dunstan celebrated his 85th birthday at the Wangaratta office.

Ray Dunstan 85th birthday

Ray still actively works each day locally completing tasks like truck driving and machinery operating.

He wishes for all employees, friends and family to be as healthy as he is when they reach 85.

Three generations of Dunstans now work in the family owned construction group.

Mitcham stormwater outfall

12 May 2015

Dunstans was engaged by John Holland Group on behalf of the Mitcham and Rooks Road Alliance (MRRA) to install an ongrade stormwater outfall pipeline by HDD.

This project highlights Dunstans capabilities to perform complex projects. Dunstans completed the design of the HDD crossing in-house, to comply with MRRA requirements for the location of the proposed stormwater pits and the required grades to ensure the outfall pipeline will operate effectively.

Due to the location, between the upgraded railway line and existing buildings, there was no access to install the pipeline by trenching. Thrust boring could not be utilised due to a curve required in the horizontal plan so the pipeline would follow the railway cutting retaining wall.

Dunstans successfully completed the fabrication and installation of the ongrade pipeline, to the satisfaction of MRRA and John Holland Group utilising our Vermeer D100 Directional Drill and support equipment.

Ploughing Dual Flexpipe

12 May 2014

Dunstans has successfully ploughed in Dual 4.5″ Flexpipe line pipe in the Copper Basin for Senex Energy.

The first installation (as part of a 2 year contract Dunstans has been awarded with Senex Energy) was to install Dual 4.5″ Flexpipe line pipe for a distance of 7km – combining ploughing and trenching techniques.

Dunstans has developed the Dual Plough; which has set a new standard in pipe ploughing adopting a driven roller technology derived from 25 years of ploughing Fiber Optic Cable (FOC). This method ensures the integrity of the pipe is always maintained.

The method has been very successful with installation rates of up to 1 kilometer per hour. Dunstans plough also simultaneously installs the marker tape and FOC.